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C&C Minutes 9-23-2013

December 31, 1969

Category: Miller C&C Minutes

C&C Minutes 9-23-2013

Miller Civic & Commerce Minutes

September 23, 2013 12 pm – On Hand Development Office


The regular meeting of the Miller Civic & Commerce Association was called to order by President Greg Palmer at 12:01 pm.  Members present were Shar Ruhnke, Nancy Lewellen, Joe Beranek, Daryn Pederson, Mike Ruth, Amber Werdel, Katie Eschenbaum.  No one was absent.  Also present was Amy Howard OHDC Executive Director and OHDC Office Assistant Kecia Beranek.

Meeting Minutes – motion to approve meeting minutes for August 26, 2013 was made by Shar Ruhnke.  Motion was seconded by Nancy Lewellen, motion carried.

Financials – motion to approve September financials was made by Katie Eschenbaum.  Motion was seconded by Nancy Lewellen, motion carried.

“Caught Doing it Right” – no new nominations at this time.

1st dollar awards – The Hondah and Nature Bound completed.  No new businesses at this time.

Crazy Days – Greg Palmer reported that it went well.  All leftover supplies were given to the Backpack Program.  The budget for this event was used to buy supplies.

Pheasant Release – 15 birds have been sponsored and will be released the Thursday prior to opening.  Dale will cover ½ cost of the giveaway gun, and Lester will get the birds and cover ½ the cost.  Joe is still working on additional sponsors to cover cost.

Christmas on the Prairie – Shar Ruhnke reported that they met on 9-12-13.  Next meeting will be on 10-10-13.  Discussion was had on what will be given away to the kids.  The people that were at the first meeting were very enthusiastic.  Kecia will be sending out a letter to all of the businesses.

4th of July – Katie and Amber are on this committee.  They are working with St. Lawrence on their 150th and All School Reuinion to combine the activities for that weekend.  Discussed starting to collect money for the fireworks now to possibly be able to do a bigger display next year. 

Rooster Rush T-Shirts – received a grant for $500 to give out these t-shirts to hunters.

Coupon Books – There is a still a box of these left.  Will try selling these to the hunters as they get their Rooster Rush t-shirts.

New Board Member Needed – A replacement board member is needed for Bruce Tucker. Possibilities were discussed. Ben Zell (Joe Beranek has spoken to him and will follow up); John Jessen; Leah Baloun (Greg will ask her); Rexall Employee

Ranch Rodeo – This event is not going to ocurr this year. 

On-Hand Updates – Board did agree to give Kecia 5 hours a month to work on new member recruitment for the C&C.  She will start the recruitment after the dues restructure is finalized.

Meeting Schedule – Kecia’s hours are T-F currently and would like the meeting changed from Monday.  Daryn Pederson made a motion to change the meeting to the 2nd Thursday of each month, and Mike Ruth seconded.  Motion carried and the next C&C meeting will be 10-10-13.

Elementary School Christmas Tree – Mike Ruth thinks that the school can handle taking this down.

Dues Requirement – This project will be worked on by OHDC Office Assistant Kecia Beranek, and few members of the C & C board.  On Hand would like to see all businesses on the Miller website.  If the business pays their dues then they can get their picture, website link, logo, facebook, etc., otherwise if they do not pay their dues all they will have on the Miller website will be their name/phone number/address.  There are 9 different classifications currently, and the board discussed simplifying these classifications.  Kecia will modify and email the board the new classifications to vote for approval.  Motion to approve new dues structure classification based on employee count ($50, $75, $125, $200 base amounts) made by Daryn Pederson and second by Katie Eschenbaum, motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 1:13 pm