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C&C Minutes 7-22-2013

December 31, 1969

Category: Miller C&C Minutes

C&C Minutes 7-22-2013

Miller Civic & Commerce Minutes

July 22, 2013 @ 12 pm – On Hand Development Office

The regular meeting of the Miller Civic and Commerce Association was called to order by Board President Greg Palmer at 12:00 pm.  Members present were Greg Palmer, Shar Ruhnke, Joe Beranek, Daryn Pederson, Amber Werdel, Mike Ruth, and Katie Eschenbaum.  Absent were Nancy Lewellen and Bruce Tucker.  Also present was LaDonna Wharton and Kecia Beranek.

Meeting Minutes – Motion to approve meeting minutes for May 20, 2013 was made by Katie Eschenbaum.  Motion was seconded by Daryn Pederson, motion carried.

Financials – Motion to approve July financials was made by Katie Eschenbaum.  Motion was seconded by Daryn Pederson, motion carried.

“Caught Doing It Right” – We have 1 new nomination for Reflections by Leah.  Approved by board members.

1st Dollar Awards – The Virginian’s name has officially been changed to The Hondah.  Greg Palmer will contact them to schedule a time.

Christmas Lights – Only 1 block was finished on 5-19-13 with the exception of a couple buildings that were unable to be reached without a bucket.  Need to decide on another date to finish and will need a truck to finalize the project.  Coordinate a time after August 2013.  Scheduled tentatively for 130 pm September 8th, 2013.

4th of July – Reported that events went well.  Received complaint via email that there weren’t enough events.  Received feedback that there wasn’t anything to do for supper.  Majority of feedback received was positive.

Crazy Days –This is scheduled for July 27th.  School will purchase any left over Brats.  Bought basic school supplies to distribute from each main street business.  Left over supplies will be donated. 

Coupon Books – Discussed adding note on membership dues polling the businesses if they would be interested in being in the book.  Discussed selling the remainder at the upcoming events.  Discussed selling the remainder of the books at upcoming school events.

Board Member Update – Bruce Tucker resigned as of 7-20-13.  Need ideas for new board member.  Discussed approaching people from main street businesses, as well as business with larger employee numbers.  Joe Beranek will approach Shon Ford first.

Dues Requirement – Discussed developing a better information packet for businesses so that they understand what the C&C does and why it would be beneficial for the business to join.  Discussed providing a break for new businesses for their first dues.  Discussed developing a committee for new membership recruiting, or split up the list of the businesses that are not participating for each board member to follow up.

Meeting Adjourned at 1:22 PM