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C&C Minutes 8-26-2013

December 31, 1969

Category: Miller C&C Minutes

C&C Minutes 8-26-2013

Miller Civic & Commerce Minutes

August 26, 2013 12 pm – On Hand Development Office


The regular meeting of the Miller Civic & Commerce Association was called to order by board member Mike Ruth at 12:00 pm.  Members present were Shar Ruhnke, Nancy Lewellen, Joe Beranek, Daryn Pederson, and Mike Ruth.  Absent were Greg Palmer, Amber Werdel, Katie Eschenbaum, and Bruce Tucker.  Also present was Amy Howard OHDC Executive Director.

Meeting Minutes – motion to approve meeting minutes for July 22nd, 2013 was made by Daryn Pederson.  Motion was seconded by Nancy Lewellen, motion carried.

Financials – motion to approve August financials was made by Daryn Pederson.  Motion was seconded by Joe Beranek, motion carried.

“Caught Doing it Right” – no new nominations at this time.

1st dollar awards – Amy will check with Greg to see if he had scheduled a time for a picture with the owners of the Honda. If he has not already scheduled it Kecia will schedule a time and contact the board with the scheduled time.

Christmas Light Removal – another work day has been scheduled for September 8th at 1:30. All available members should attend.

Crazy Days – No committee members were present to report.

Pheasant Release – Joe Beranek reported that he plans to start making business visits and finding sponsors soon.

Christmas on the Prairie – Daryn Pederson and Shar Ruhnke have scheduled a committee meeting for September 12th.

Coupon Books – Discussion was held on the amount of books still left to be sold. It was brought up that maybe next year we need to try something else. The possibility of doing a coupon card was discussed.

New Board Member Needed – A board member is needed to replace Bruce Tucker. 3 possibilities were discussed. 1) Ben Zell (Joe Beranek will speak to him) 2) Chris Niederauer (Daryn Pederson will speak to her) 3) Jill Wallace (Amy will speak to Jill)

Bountiful Basket – It was decided by consensus of the board that the Miller C &C will not be publically supporting the upcoming Bountiful Basket Program. This was decided due to the lack of the programs ability to become a member.

Dues Requirement – This project will be worked on by OHDC Office Assistant Kecia Beranek, and few members of the C & C board.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm