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C&C Minutes 11-14-2013

December 31, 1969

Category: Miller C&C Minutes

C&C Minutes 11-14-2013

Miller Civic & Commerce Minutes

November 14, 2013 12 pm – On Hand Development Office


The regular meeting of the Miller Civic & Commerce Association was called to order by Amber Werdel at 12:07 pm.  Members present were Greg Palmer, Shar Ruhnke, Nancy Lewellen, Joe Beranek, Daryn Pederson, Amber Werdel, Katie Eschenbaum, and Leah Baloun.  Absent was Mike Ruth.  Also present was Amy Howard OHDC Executive Director and OHDC Office Assistant Kecia Beranek.

Meeting Minutes – motion to approve meeting minutes for September 23, 2013 was made by Joe Beranek.  Motion was seconded by Daryn Pederson, motion carried.

Financials – motion to approve October and November financials was made by Daryn Pederson.  Motion was seconded by Nancy Lewellen, motion carried.  There is an overabundance of funds in checking account.  Discussed possibly making a large donation to the Community Center.  Motion to pledge $5000 made by Daryn Pederson.  Motion was seconded by Joe Beranek, motion carried.

“Caught Doing it Right” – No new nominations received.  Kecia mentioned possibly nominating Sarah Resel.  Kecia will write something up and speak with Sarah about this.

1st dollar awards – TS Customs to be completed, need to reschedule.  Trying to schedule the Marcie’s B&B.  No other new businesses at this time.

Pheasant Release – 6-7 birds have been turned in thus far.  #15 has not been turned in yet.  All winners were very satisfied and happy.  Next year we will need to order more t-shirts, ran out this year. 

Christmas on the Prairie – Going well thus far.  They are going to have a scavenger hunt.  There are some games that may interfere with maximum attendance.  Need to print up flyers to send to the school and for the store windows.  There has been good participation fro mthe committee.  Daryn will speak with the kids’ youth groups for some help with the scavenger hunt.  There are spots left at the courthouse for Christmas trees.

4th of July – Parade will be on Saturday morning.  Fireworks will be on Friday night.  Entertaining the idea of selling 50/50 tickets to raise money for the fireworks fund.  This committee would be solely responsible for selling tickets. 

New Board Member Needed –Motion to vote in Leah Baloun made by Joe Beranek, seconded by Shar Ruhnke , motion carried.

On-Hand Updates – Nothing to report other than the Community Center discussed in Financials section.

Dues Requirement – Kecia reported that letters are ready to go out to businesses.  Several new members joined that we haven’t had before.

Meeting adjourned at 1:01 pm