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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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Small Town Cool

I’m not really sure when I became cool - - and even more importantly, I’m not really sure when I became “uncool” but I suspect it was somewhere around the time I was raising teenagers.  And even though all of us are “cool” - at least literally during the winter months - - it’s important to hear the good news that SMALL TOWNS ARE COOL!  Yes, you heard that right – small towns are cool places and the latest trend for retail dynamics, travel motivations and as always, a great place to raise a family.

"Cool" usually means standing out in a crowd, being a role model, and having the respect of others. So what makes a town cool? A cool town does its own thing and has its own “vibe” that resonates throughout the community. Cool towns tend to be self-sufficient, confident and loaded with positive and progressive citizens. Cool towns are welcoming, accepting others different from them - - diversity doesn’t bother them because they don’t feel threatened. And the coolest of towns set the trends and get everyone talking.

We celebrated our cool small town at the Magnificent Miller celebration on March 23rd.  We had a great turnout with over 100 people attending. We enjoyed a great supper from Take Out Catering, wonderful entertainment (Off the Cuff Productions) that brought lots of laughs. We heard from leaders in our community: J.D. Wangsness from Hand County Commissioners, Ron Blachford, mayor of Miller, Laine Warkenthien from On Hand Development Corporation, Dan Trefz, Superintendent from Miller School, and Greg Palmer from Miller C & C. We look forward to next year’s celebration with more people, more laughs and more good food!

If you are interested in reading and learning about small town strategies, I encourage you to go to and get signed up for some great webinars by Becky McCray and Deb Brown, both small town dwellers who devote their careers to helping small towns succeed.

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