Planning districts partner with USDA Rural Development to deliver services

Friday, August 19, 2016

USDA Rural Development in South Dakota has partnered with six statewide planning districts in South Dakota to enhance program accessibility in underserved rural areas and communities. Through a coordinated effort, workshops, individual meetings and opportunity sessions were held throughout the state to provide information and technical assistance for USDA Rural Development programs.

“Our agency is excited to be partnering with the planning districts,” said USDA Rural Development Acting State Director Bruce Jones. “This provides us with a great opportunity by leveraging partnerships and resources, as well as make advancements in economic development, cooperation, and coordination of projects.”

The Northeast Council of Governments (NECOG) entered into a Rural Development Cooperative Agreement receiving $40,000 to coordinate the work plan with the other five planning districts including First District Association of Local Governments, South Eastern Council of Governments, Central South Dakota Enhancement District, Planning & Development District III, and Black Hills Council of Governments. Targeted areas and needs will be assessed through Community Economic Development community assessments completed by USDA Rural Development staff.

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Category: Agriculture