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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

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People blush at the mere mention of the word - - parents dread the day - - kids are horrified and refuse to have anything to do with it - - I am referring to “The Talk” - - yes THEE TALK with their children.  In fact, some folks don’t even bother having this discussion with their kids because it’s just too embarrassing and down-right weird to have that kind of a conversation with their son or daughter. And before you start to think that I’m talking about the birds and bees, let me just say this is more about the flowers and the trees . . . . so relax and enjoy this article!

The conversation I’m asking you to have with your kids is about considering South Dakota as a worthy state and in particular Miller as a worthy town for living, working and raising their future families when they get older. Why are we hesitant to have this conversation with our children?  The arguments for leaving small town SD in the past usually revolved around money; better jobs, higher wages, and job advancement opportunities. And if that wasn’t convincing enough, then the arguments turned to entertainment, housing and airports! The sad fact is quality of life was rarely mentioned and crime, crowded schools and traffic were conveniently left out of the conversation.

So why do we choose to live in Miller, SD and more importantly, why should we have this talk with our kids?

Rural Revival is a topic that some have heard about - - it’s the idea of enjoying the quality of life we expect while at the same time being contributing members of a small rural town. The Governor’s Office of Economic Development has been diligent in spreading the word about the possibility of living in South Dakota. Go to and watch the videos. We can be proud of all that South Dakota does to encourage businesses and families to locate here.

So welcome home Taylor, Brooke, Vance, Jennie, Lucas, Kate, and all other Miller alumni who decided to make Miller home again! We appreciate your interest in and service to this worthy town. Miller can only benefit and thrive because of people like you! In fact, Miller continues because of you.

(As a retired educator, I thought I would never say this - - but KEEP TALKING!)

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