Nobody said it would be easy….

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

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Nobody said it would be easy….

Not every week here at On Hand is rainbows and butterflies. This last week was not easy in any sense of the word. We dealt with budget cuts and challenges. I have experience in the economic development world, and I knew going into this position with the current economy, that this job wouldn’t be easy… and that’s ok. I’m ok. Miller is ok. In fact, we are all better than ok.

We have SO much to celebrate here in Miller. We have a thriving business community both on Main Street and off Main Street. We have an amazing school system with 42 kindergarten students this year. We have a hospital and an emergency crew that is there for us when we need them. We have police safety for protection. We have a grocery store that provides us with food. We have churches to feed our soul. We have a Friendship Center where friends of all ages can meet and enjoy life. We have entertainment options including a drive-in movie theatre, a swimming pool, racetrack, beautiful parks, golf course, and so many choices for youth sports. We have some of the best hunting and fishing. We also have some of the most generous and caring people… those are a few reasons people call Miller home. The fact is, we have it going on here and we need to celebrate the victories. We need to STOP complaining and appreciate our blessings. The little things are a big part of why we all call Miller home.

I challenge you to look at another town the same size as Miller…. Do they have ALL of the victories that I just named? I also challenge you to change the negative conversations about cuts, the challenges and the loss to the positive conversations about everything we do have going on. How lucky are we to get to call Miller home?  

Change isn’t easy. Cuts aren’t easy. Nobody said it would be easy… and that’s ok. Miller is better than ok. Miller has it going on.

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