STOP Senate Bill 66

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

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The city of Miller and On Hand Economic Development is urging the South Dakota Legislature to oppose Senate Bill 66, which, if passed, would prohibit cities with municipal electric utilities, like Miller, from annexing additional electric service territory.

On July 25, the city of Miller, On Hand Development along with 33 of other towns met in Pierre to stand up in opposition of Senate Bill 66. Matt McCaulley, representing the Coalition to Preserve Consumer Choice, said in his testimony, "Cities should be permitted to continue to grow under a system that has provided remarkable stability for the past forty years."

Annexation is the act of bringing new territory into our service area. It is not the government taking of private property. The city annexes when asked by the landowner, so they can take advantage of all city services including water, sewer, roads, fire department, police, ambulance, and electric service

Development outside city limits wouldn’t happen without city planning, resources and foresight. When Miller grows, we should be able to provide all city services to the growing area, including electricity. Who better to serve our community than the local utility? 

Electric revenue is invested right back into the city. It helps support every other service we provide as well as city parks, roads and infrastructure. 

The electric utility is a valuable asset to the city of Miller, which benefits all businesses and residents. Miller is considered a champion of public power in South Dakota. We support public power in South Dakota by keeping current laws to protect annexation.

If Senate Bill 66 is passed, it would be harmful to the city of Miller, our residents, and businesses. On Hand Economic Development is urging to stop Senate Bill 66.

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