On Hand Development Revolving Loan Fund:

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

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As I am making my way to visit with each business in the Miller area, I am explaining to each business owner all of the wonderful programs and opportunities that On Hand offers our community and the mission of On Hand Development Corporation. The mission of On Hand Development Corporation is to maintain and assist in the expansion of existing businesses and support the growth of new businesses while striving to improve the economy of the Miller area.

On Hand Development Corporation is here to help keep Miller and Hand County thriving.  We know finding the best way to start a new business or attempt to expand and improve your current business can sometimes be a long and puzzling process. One of the ways we can assist is by finding business resources that can help and another is our Revolving Loan Fund (RLF).

Here at On Hand, our main source of assistance to businesses is our revolving loan fund. Our loan fund was started through USDA Rural Development. Their Rural Business Enterprise grant program generously gave us $100,000 to start our program. Our RLF program provides funding for new and existing businesses alike. Currently, we have nine active business loans for a total of over $600,000. We work alongside a bank financing and in conjunction with your owner equity to create a desirable loan package. There is a wide variety of ways the RLF can be used, such as: land, building purchase, new construction, inventory expansion, new equipment, and countless other business needs.

Want to learn more about our revolving loan fund? Please contact me at 605-853-3098, stop into the office (located at the Miller Community Center) or email me at kecia@millersd.org. I would love to talk to you about how On Hand can help your business grow!

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